Session Pricing

First Session Special: $25
Single Session: $40
3 Pack: $105 ($35/session)
5 Pack: $150 ($30/session)
10 Pack: $250 ($25/session)

Private Cave: $50 per person*
*If booking for a child, the cost is $50 and includes one child and one guardian. Additional children are $50 each.

Enhance your Salt Cave experience in one of our many session types. From crystal singing bowls to Reiki, our healing sessions are guided by a trained healer or practitioner (sometimes two) and all take place within a Cave. Let the salty air relax and rejuvenate you and explore our transformative healing modalities.

Salt Therapy Session
$40, 45mins

Rest and relax in our zero gravity chairs surrounded by up to 13 tons of pink Himalayan salt. Salt Therapy, aka Halotherapy, is an alternative treatment for a wide variety of ailments and conditions such as: anxiety, sleeplessness, asthma, allergies, inflammation, skin issues, and even the common cold. The treatment offers a unique, natural therapy that allows you to get a sense of peace and serenity, while simply breathing in the beneficial ionized salt particles. Private sessions are available.

NYC, Montauk, Huntington

Crystal Singing Bowls
$40, 45mins   

We begin by bringing white light through the body's energy centers called chakras followed by crystal singing bowls. The bowls use sound therapy to strengthen balance and clear blockages where you need it most. The magical notes shift you into a deeply relaxed state.

NYC, Montauk, Huntington

Reiki and Tibetan Singing Bowls

$40, 45 mins    

The combination of the pink Himalayan salt cave, the magical singing bowls from the Himalayas, a guided meditation and Reiki energy is truly a complete healing adventure not to be missed. The singing bowls are from the magical Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet and India.  They are made from a mixture of 7 metals (copper, brass, nickel, silver, mercury, zink and gold. and when rubbed with a mallet, they produce a complex and beautiful sound full of wonderful harmonics and overtones. The bowls stimulate the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate to the frequency of the bowl so that when it is synchronized, it can vibrate independently. Huntington

Sound Healing
$40, 45mins

A powerful spiritual experience, sound healing helps raise your consciousness and is deeply healing. Kirtan helps you connect to your heart and deeper being. Working with the chakras, this sound healing will bring you to a deep space. Immerse yourself in an intuitive sound healing journey through your chakras and allow yourself to truly let go. Instruments used may vary.

NYC, Montauk, Huntington

Tarot Card Readings - Group & Private Sessions

Tarot  is one of the oldest forms of fortune telling known to man.  A Tarot deck is a deck of cards that is used by someone who is skilled in reading them. The Reader consults the cards to show them what “could “ happen based on your present circumstances. In accordance with the law, we must tell you that tarot and card readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please call the Cave for pricing.

NYC, Montauk, Huntington

Psychic Readings Group Sessions

$75, 2 hours

These 2-hour sessions are hosted by a Psychic Medium. A lot of energy is found in the Cave during these group sessions! Private sessions are also available with our psychic intuitive.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the plants. They can be both beautiful and powerful fragrant. They can lift the mood and calm the senses. Essential Oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for the health-promoting properties. We offer Intro to Essential Oils classes to learn more on how to incorporate these oils into your life. Huntington

$40, 45mins

Experience the natural beauty and tranquility of Reiki; a Japanese healing technique based on the principle of channeling energy to restore balance, physical, spiritual and emotional healing. Experience complete relaxation, peace and clarity of mind. Some sessions may include aromatherapy and/or Tibetan singing bowls.

NYC, Montauk, Huntington

Yoga Nidra
$40,  45min

Yoga Nidra is a very specific type of guided meditation that will allow you to experience the sublime science of complete relaxation utilizing conscious “Yogic Sleep” emphasizing and exploring the five sheaths or koshas (meaning body in Sanskrit), with a focus on transforming from one sheath to the next, awakening your inner wisdom and discarding unnecessary stress as you’re guided to your natural state of happiness (sahaj). The experience will leave you refreshed and revitalized.

NYC, Montauk, Huntington

Guided Meditation & Spiritual Inspiration

$40, 45 mins

Meditation is the ancient practice of becoming present. Allowing your breath to replace your thought traffic, you’ll experience tranquility and inner peace. Spiritual truths align your mind, body, and spirit connection. It’s ohm-azing!

Montauk, Huntington

Gift Cards
Spread the salty love! Gift cards are available in all Caves.

Private Sessions or Group Bookings
Available in all Caves - contact us for more information!


Cryo Facial - $45, 45 mins (includes Salt Cave session)
The Cryo facial is a cryogenic treatment that is performed by what is considered a “cryoprobe,” which beams vaporized liquid nitrogen across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Cryo facial treatments are up to 7-minutes long and helps stimulate collagen production while also filling in fine lines and wrinkles and decreasing pores. Cryo facials take place in the Private Cave where you are comfortably reclined during your facial and for the remainder of the Salt Therapy session. Sessions may be with up to 4 people. NYC

YUMILashes - $150
YUMILashes are not fake eyelashes! It is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash without the need for fake eyelashes. With this technique your natural lashes are lifted up and filled with a special pigment infusion. As a result, you have thick, dark lashes that beautiful curve upwards. This creates the universally desired “open eye” look. Montauk

Manicure - $35, Montauk

Pedicure - $45, Montauk

European Facial - $130
Cleanse and exfoliate the skin, boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage; tailored to your specific needs and skin type. Montauk

Brow Tinting - $20, Montauk

Massage - $130 - $180, 60-90mins, Montauk

Massage Chair - $30-$50, 20-40mins
Our top-of-the-line massage chair features a negative ion function as well as magnet therapy to relieve achy muscles. From your head to your toes, these chairs get out all the kinks while you relax in a private room. Huntington