Relax & Breathe


Wonderful and magical experience. I was able to practice meditation and breathing exercises while relaxing and enjoying myself, the ambience, and the music.
— Maria M.

Our Offerings

Salt Therapy Sessions

Our Salt Therapy sessions are 45-minutes and are safe for all ages as well as those expecting. We offer sessions for children under the age of 11 in our Private Caves with the supervision of an adult. Sit back and relax in our zero-gravity chairs and enjoy beautiful pre-recorded music under our twinkling stars. For optimal results, we recommend 2-3 sessions per week. Socks are required in all Caves.



Healer-Led Sessions

We are lucky to have some of the most talented and tuned-in Healers in all of our locations. Healer-led sessions take place in a Cave and are 45-minutes. Modalities range from Reiki to Crystal Healing to Sound Baths. If you’re looking for a more stimulating Cave experience, these sessions are for you! Please check your local Cave’s schedule for session times. Add a Healer session to your Salt Therapy routine, it’s a game changer!


Self Care Treatments

Massages, lashes and Cryo facials…OH MY! We are happy to provide our clients with a range of beauty and wellness treatments in all three locations - some of which are inside the Cave…talk about a win-win! All of our practitioners are experienced and licensed professionals. Please note, each location offers a different menu of services. Please contact your local Cave directly for more information.



Rest & Restore

Salt therapy, aka Halotherapy, is an alternative treatment for a wide variety of ailments and conditions such as anxiety, sleeplessness, allergies, asthma, inflammation, and even the common cold.

Salt therapy is a unique, natural therapy that allows you to get a sense of peace and serenity while simply breathing in the negatively-charged, ionized salt particles. The salt contains 84 trace elements and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, bromine, copper, selenium, and iron.

Exactly what your body, mind and soul needs!
— Kristina M.

First Session Feels

Your first session is bound to be one you will never forget. Lay in our comfy zero gravity chairs, surrounded by tons of healing Himalayan salt with a twinkling sky above you. Meditate, nap or simply zen-out however feels comfortable. Many have shared that they can breathe easier and have a calmer, more elevated state of mind after their session.

Please arrive 10-minutes before your session begins to check-in and get settled. You do not need to change your clothes or disrobe. Socks are required in all Caves.

For the best results, we recommend 2-3 sessions per week. Be sure to hydrate after each session!

Love the Montauk Salt Cave!!! Such a cool, clean, healthy, great for the soul experience EVERYONE should try :-) So psyched it’s finally in NYC!
— Jane R.

Private & Group Sessions Available

We offer private sessions and group buyouts in all Caves. Whether you are looking for some quality one-on-one or want to bring your friends or coworkers in to de-pressurize…we’ve got you covered!